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Welcome to ACE

Ancient Coins for Education, Inc. (ACE) was established in 2001 as a registered non-profit organization to encourage learning about Classical (Greek, Roman, and Byzantine) history through the use of ancient numismatics. ACE provides coins to students for their study and attribution with the help of online and computer resources.

ACE is run by volunteers and works primarily with middle and high schools (both public and private), with some elementary schools and universities also participating in specially directed versions of the program. Though the coins that ACE furnishes to these educational establishments are typically of lower monetary value, they provide a basis for unique, hands-on study of the ancient world. ACE lends assistance to creative school activities, such as Ancient Coin Museums and Archaeological Simulation projects, which encourage students' interest in ancient history.

"Pone historiam in manus discipulorum tuorum"
Put History into the hands of your students.

Ancient Coins for Education, Inc.
P.O. Box 90193 Springfield, MA 01139
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information on ACE and its programs, please contact any of the following ACE directors at the above e-mail address
ACE DIRECTORS: Mark Lehman, John E. Ryan, Cathy Scaife, Souzana D. Steverding, Zee Ann Poerio, Scott Uhrick, Kevin Ingleston

Donations of uncleaned optimal quality ancient coins, identified ancient coins for the school program, prize coins for essay contests and Teacher supplied Resource prizes, coin flips, magnifiers, etc. are also needed to support the ACE program. Please contact ACE at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss the items you would like to donate and make arrangements for shipping.

All photographs on this website either are the property of ACE or of others who have contributed them, and may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the owner of same. All rights are reserved.


Our Essay Contests - a short explanation!

For " new to ACE" teachers, this is to give you a rough idea of the upcoming Fall Essay Contest for 2011, hich we give your students two months to complete.   We take interesting characters from the Roman Imperial past :  Your students choose their subjects from a short list... for example:  last year, the subjects were :
Agrippa (Marcus Vipsanius);  Vespasian;  Sabina ( wife of Hadrian);  Gordian III & Tranquillina;  Valerian I;   Crispus ( son of Constantine) or Theodosius I.   We got some fantastic essays!

A look at Image Contests for new Teachers

As well as our Annual Essay Contest, we have 3 other yearly Contests, which we call " Image Contests" ....  these are easy to mark ( we send you the answers which are only 1 or 2 words per question, in an Excel format) and they are designed to get your students researching.  Remember to stay tuned to the ACE Teachers Group, where we post all the contest details.  Image


Wayne Sayles generosity warms ACE teachers

Image As icy weather spread across most States in the Union, ACE Teachers  had just received a marvellous book to read on their “ Snow days” .  Thanks to noted numismatic author, Wayne Sayles,  and the generous donation of his book “Ancient Coin Collecting”,  teachers could both relax  in the warmth and make new Lesson Plans!     His book has great coin images and is brimming over with illustrated background information on Roman, Greek, Biblical and other ancient coins of all types...

It is the sort of book you keep on your desk with Post it stickers on the pages giving the timeline of all Roman and Byzantine Emperors, listing of all Roman and Greek Deities and Personifications, Greek and Latin alphabets, maps of different regions, etc - You want to see Homer on a coin, various Alexander the Great coins, an Athenian owl,  Elephants on various coins, Biblical coins, Parthian coins, Baktrian coins, Celtic coins and so on.... they are all there for teachers to see and show their students.   This was an unprecedented opportunity, especially for teachers who are fairly new to ancient coins... we have never been able to offer such a wonderful educational resource... ACE is indeed endebted to Wayne Sayles for his utmost generosity - such an opportunity is rare for teachers. 



ACE Essay Contest 2015-2016

This Winter we gave the contestants a selection of subjects from Roman times -   the Eruption of Vesuvius,
the Revolt of the British Iceni, a powerful Severan woman, early Christians in the Roman Empire, etc.

We got some marvelous results in the form of fascinating essays.   We have already sent the students
their prizes - with the Senior Winner in KY and the Junior winner in CA, and Runners Up in TX and MD.
Our congratulations to all who took part, as all those who were winners from their respective schools,
received prizes.

Winter Contests 2014-2015

We have now had the Judges' marks in, and are happy to have announced the winners for the Winter Essay.      First prize goes to Kentucky, with a close 2nd to New Hampshire.    We have also singled out a good essay from amongst the younger students and will award a special prize to her in CA, though,  as you all know, each essay sent into the Finals receives an identified bronze as a "School Winner", and we will be sending out the Certificates and prizes in the New Year.       We are still working on our next Contest  "History & Coins around the Mediterranean Basin"; and are also considering a special Archaeological Simulation exercise for the teachers and their students.   If you feel this would stimulate your students, please contact Souzana at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Image 


ACE Fall 2014

ACE extends a welcome to Teachers and Students
for  Fall 2014 - we are holding our price on our
Roman "Optimates" for Identification purposes
- at least at this start of the Academic year.  
We will have 3 contests this year of which
you will be notified via the ACE Teachers Group.
Here is a coin to encourage your students!!