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Attribution Assistance Sites
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  Link   Cleaning Ancient Coins
  Link   Provincial Roman Coin's
ACE Charter Director Will Peters' awesome site dedicated to Roman Provincial Coinage
  Link   Helvetica's RIC lists
Dane Kurth's (Helivitica) Award Winning Website which contains dozens and dozens of free and easy to use RIC (and other) lists in Excel format, all using drop down columns, to assist people in IDing their Roman coins. The lists cover just about every
  Link   Wildwinds
Many people will need nothing more than this site to finish the attribution of their coins. Scan the databank by Emperor, Imperator, or Sear Reference #. TIP: Use the free RCI software from CaptainSoft, mentioned above, to determine the emperor, t
  Link   Doug Smith\'s \"Dirty Dozen\"
ACE Friend and supporter Doug Smith's guide to the 12 most common types found in ACE lots of coins. While you are there you should check out the rest of Doug's awesome site, there is a lot of info!
  Link   Early Medieval and Byzantine Civilization
Constantine to Crusades--History/Medieval Studies 303
  Link   FORUM Ancient Coins
A helpful site for beginners and featuring many images of coins.
  Link   Jencek\'s Obverse Legend Search Engine
An excellent way to attribute your coins using any visable obverse (front) legends.
  Link   Identifying the Reverse Images on Roman Coins
Ancient Roman deities & personifications of virtues used on Roman coins.
  Link   Common Legend Abbreviations
A good site touching on the more common abbreviations and their meanings by one of the most recognized names in ancient coins- author David Sear. Also see his glossary of coin terms.
  Link   Esty\'s Guide to Late Roman AE Coin Types, AD 364-450
A Complete List: Valentinian I through Theodosius II and Valentinian III. A resource for collectors of late Roman AE coins. Types, rarities, and commentary. Also, type sets by emperor. Not for beginners.
  Link   Ras\' Dirty Old Coins
Incredible obverse legend search engine, list of emperors, helpful Roman timeline , etc.
  Link   Automated ACEhelp coin ID form
Fill out this form to submit your ID questions to our team of expert numismatists
  Link   ANS Database Search
The American Numismatic Society's Database
  Link   Abbreviations on Roman Imperial Coins
Helpful advice always from the knowledgeable Doug Smith
  Link   Anatomy of a Roman Coin
This site has a marvelous walk-through showing how to decipher obverse & reverse legends
  Link   Roman Mints
An alphabetical listing of mint abbreviations with both ancient and modern place names, from ACE friend Tom Buggey.