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Ancient Roman Coinage
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  Link   Astronomy On Coins
Suzan Bradfords's Website that reveals "the pre-electricity-erasí fascination with transitory celestial events such as great comets, distantly exploded stars, meteorites, solar and lunar eclipses, and other impressive sky phenomenaperceived both as n
  Link   Ancient Coins: In Praise of the Celators!
Dr.Tom Buggey's site "Dedicated to the engravers/celators of the ancient world who worked wonders in metal, and to the mint workers who fashioned the coins." It has a wealth of information and is well worth a visit.
  Link   Doug Smith\'s Ancient Coin Vocabulary
ACE friend Doug Smith's web article exploring the differnt types of anciet coinage and the their associated vocabulary. It has something for everybody and is well worth the reading.
  Link   Digital Historia Numorum
A Manual of Greek Numismatics. A 1000-page encyclopedia on ancient Greek coins written by Barclay Head, former Keeper of Coins at the British Museum. Includes a 60 page introduction to ancient coins and indexes to cities, rulers, and subjects (gods,
  Link   The Production of Ancient Coins
From the Bearers of Meaning Site comes this informative article by Jere M. Wickens. Read the article and visit the rest of the site as well. Highly recommended.
  Link   Barry & Darling Ancient Coins
This site defies a description... everything the coin collector would enjoy. There are general interest numismatic articles as well as some that become quite advanced. The link is to a page midway into their site... be sure to see the Main Page!
  Link   Ancient Greek and Roman Coins
Doug Smith, a respected numismatist, has created this site covering all sorts of topics of potential interest to ancient coin collectors. Virtually no end to the site... a must see!
  Link   Beast Coins
Zachary Beasley of Beast Coins has assembled a massive website, with sections devoted to coins with animals, architecture, deities, and coins he has cleaned. There's also information about denominations and more other things than I can mention here.
  Link   Kevin\'s Coins
ACE webmonkey Kevin Ingleston's collection website. It features coins from Kevin's collection, cleaninh tips and links to other sites. ACVE participants are wlcome to use any and all resources found on the site for ACE related (non-commercial)project