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Roman History
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  Link   Legion XXIV (the fourteenth legion)
Ever wonder what it looked like to be attacked by Romans? This re-enactment club has posted photos to show you. Great site to help students visualize the armies of Rome, also has an impressive collection of history links.
  Link   Encyclopedia Romana
Excellent, not-too-big, not-too-small site of Roman history. Information provided in a format especially useful to teachers and students as it contains a biblio on each major section.
  Link   The History Channel\'s Roman History Links
An ever-expanding archive sure to yield some great information. Check out the "Roman Law" and "Roman Art" links.
  Link   PBS / NOVA: Secrets of Lost Empires
You've got to see this one. This site is great fun for students as it is very interactive. The "Resources" page links to more, great and extensive websites. Be sure to see the BBC site.
  Link   Classics Technology Center on the Web
This site is geared to Greek and Roman culture. There are informative articles and tools--notably a Latin dictionary, and fun stuff on Roman board games
  Link   Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
A massive site, maybe the only one you'll need! Maps, timelines, and an abundance of detailed articles. There are even photos of reenacted chariot races and legionary wars.
  Link   Eight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage
An informative site created by the well-known numismatic and author, David R. Sear. Note that the coin images come after the text