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Lesson and Study Plans
ACE has developed some lesson and study plans that many first time particpants find useful. As you become familiar with the ACE program, you can develop your own. Please be sure to visit the Teacher Supplied Resources section of our site to see what other ACE teachers have come up with!

ACE Lesson Plan Print E-mail
Here is a four part lesson plan for the ACE project. It starts with laying the ground work before the coins arrive, and covers distributon and metrology of the coin. It then moves on to the attribution process and closes with the conclusions and follow ups. It is especially useful for first time ACE participants.
ACE Study Plan Print E-mail
ACE directors and teachers have developed this basic study plan. It provides a nice starting point, especially for fist time partcipants. Be sure to check out the variety of lesson plans developed and submitted by veteran ACE teachers. They can be found under the Teacher Supplied Resources section of this site.
Basic Information: Contests, Teacher Group, Press Print E-mail

For basic start-up information concerning how to participate in the essay contests, how to sign up for teacher and student discussion groups and arrangments for publicity articles, please read on!

One ACE Teacher's Guide for Teachers Print E-mail
A new-teacher "MUST READ!"  ACE Teacher Kate Gilbert from Ben Franklin Academy in Atlanta, Georgia offers wonderful insights and practical tips for a successful experience with the ACE program.  Included are step-by-step instructions about how to attribute ACE coins.  Kate's directions begin with one attribution technique of identifying the obverse image and inscription first, then the reverse.  Another technique highlighted in the ACE document "Attributing Your Roman Coin," advocates beginning with the reverse image.  You may want to try both methods to see which way works best for you and your students
The ACE Project - A Teacher's Journal Print E-mail
ACE teacher Cathy Scaife, a Latin Teacher at Lexington Catholic High School shares with us a journal of her first and second ACE project experiences. It provides a glimpse of what a teacher can expect, and the benefits and support they recieve. If your wondering if the ACE progam is for you, (don't worry, it is!!) read this.