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Supporting Resources
Mark Lehman's NJCL Lecture Print E-mail
The following "performance" was written and delivered at the Singletary Center, University of Kentucky by our opera-singing numismatist ACE President Mark Lehman to students attending the National Junior Classical League Convention, August 2, 2002.   It accompanies a navigable set of coin images entitled "Images:  From Lydia to Byzantium" on the ACE CD which you can show students in your classroom.  Feel free to adapt any portion of the following presentation for your classroom use, including, if the spirit moves you, the singing! The narration features clever techniques for introducing students to basic coin concepts as well as a wealth of historical information and entertaining news tabloids befitting those colorful Roman emperors.
Evolution of Roman Coinage Print E-mail
The Evolution of Roman coinage is illustrated in this piece. Images of coins from the entire span of the Roman empire help readers visualize the changes the coinage made.
Roman Bronze Denominations Print E-mail
ACE Director and President Mark Leman's guide to Roman Bronze (AE) denominations. To the first time ACE participant, the various denominations can be a bit confusing. The coinage spans over 400 years and underwent several reforms, this article helps clear things up a bit.
Roman Weights and Measures Print E-mail
Here is a list of the various Roman weights and measures, with their modern day equivalent. If you want to tell the your jugerum, from your uncia from your congius, this is a must read!
What Things Cost in Ancient Rome Print E-mail

When studying Ancient Rome, it is only natural to wonder what the price of everyday items might have been.  In order to fully understand the price of an item, you must also consider the wages workers received at the time the item was purchased.