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Teacher Supplied Resources
TSRs we call them
One of the neat things that ACE does is invite Teachers to submit lesson ideas, projects for students, etc, and if they are accepted as ACE "TSRs"  (Teacher Supplied Resources), then the submitting teacher receives an identified Roman or Byzantine coin.    We welcome submissions but no duplicates !.... so, please check first that your idea has not already been covered by some other creative ACE Teacher ! Image   See our TSRs below and the names of the super Teachers who submitted them
Jeff Baum's Gods and Goddesses

Teacher Jeff Baum of Mexico Middle School in Central New York has put together this wonderful PowerPoint presentation of the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. Jeff has put the ACE program to good and innovative use. This PowerPoint presentation, and the other TSR's Jeff has submitted are further evidence of that.! Thanks Jeff!


Staci Weaver Arch Sim Project

Teacher Staci Weaver of the Austin Middle School in Douglasville, Georgia demonstrates how she has put the ACE Archaeological Simulation program to great and innovative use in her class for Self-Contained Students with Autism. In part one she illustrates each step of the preparation and set up of the simulation. The smiles on her students faces indicate what a great success her implementation of the Arch Sim program is!

Read Part 1 (.pdf 3.8mb) The document will open in new window.

Jeff Baum, Coin Lanyards
Jeff writes "In any organization, there are items provided to members to solidify participation and unity within the group. In our Mexico Middle School, "Ancient Coin Club", we provide club members with a membership card and coin holder to show active status. The membership card, holder and attached lanyard were developed as a useful way to hold student membership card, but also provide a practical approach for holding an ancient coin."  Jeff has devised a very clever lanyard for membership cards and coins. Thanks Jeff!
Kerin Steigerwalt TSR
Kerin Steigerwalt of Springhouse Middle School, Allentown PA developed the ACE Coin Journal. It makes use of ACE coins in a very innovative and interdisciplinary manner. It is worth checking out! Thanks Kerin!
Zee Ann Poerio - TSR
Anyone who has ever met Zee Ann Poerio does not forget her!   Her students in the 3rd grade at St Louise de Marillac in Pittsburgh know how lucky they are, as do the parents of those students.   When her students move on into 4th grade, they enthusiastically join her Latin Club, they take part in continuing studies and love going along with her to various events to portray such unforgettable Classical Mythology characters as "Medusa".   Her amazing talents, creative abilities and tremendous hard work is recognized among her colleagues  - so it is no surprise to learn that she is the Chairperson of ETC "Excellence Through Classics", an offshoot of the American Classical League, set up to promote Classics amongst the young. You can see her in person here - in a picture taken in the 1st School Ancient Coin Museum, which she pioneered with the help of ACE and ACE supporters http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=759
You can share her ideas through her TSRs below:
Cathy Scaife - TSRs
Cathy Scaife is a superlative Latin High School teacher in Lexington KY.   She joined the ACE project early in 2002, and has been one of the amazing "stars" of our program ever since.       Early on, she enrolled in the American Numismatic Association's  "Coins in the Classroom" Seminar in Colorado Springs, and they were so impressed by her ancient coin knowledge, that the next year they invited her back to take over and present  the ancient coins section of that particular seminar.... she has been a mainstay of that Seminar ever since.   The ANA makes Scholarships available to ACE teachers to attend the week's Coins in the Classroom seminar.       If you want to learn more about the ANA's  Education Outreach and their Coins in the Classroom seminar, please go to
Jeff Baum's great ideas - TSR
Jeff Baum of Mexico Middle school in Mexico, NY, has shared some really neat ideas with us.... please do try them out.
Pete Fox's TSRs
Pete Fox is a relative newcomer to ACE, but she has come up with some creative new ideas, which she is happy for us to share with you.   Thanks, Pete  ( BTW ...Pete is a girl!)
Dawn LaFon's creative Web ideas - a TSR

Dawn LaFon,  a truly talented teacher at White Station High School in Memphis, TN, is a recipient of many local, as well as ACE,  awards - recently Dawn, Dr Tom Buggey of Memphis U., and Dawn's class were featured on local TV.    Since the early days of ACE, Dawn LaFon has been pioneering the use of ancient coins, and here we give you her latest ideas for Internet use.


Kate Gilbert's Imperial Headgear - a TSR

Teacher Kate Gilbert of Ben Franklin Academy in Atlanta, GA,  is a tremendously creative person, but she also simplifies things and describes them so well that teachers and students and parents can copy her designs pretty easily..... why not try one of them.......

Sandy Gilmore's TSR

Sandy Gilmore teaches in Danville, PA, and is a super teacher and ACE veteran, look at her idea on "Coin Rubbings"

Lisa Auanger - a remarkable VA Teacher's TSR ideas

After just six months of teacher Lisa Auanger of Hampton, VA, starting the ACE program with her students, we knew she was a "rising star" and awarded her the "Best New Teacher of the Year" prize.      Very quickly she shared her teaching gifts and ancient coin knowledge  with the Weekend and Summer programs at the illustrious College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA...... we are oh so happy and lucky to have her as part of the ACE Teachers Group!

Jerry Scoppa's classroom ideas - TSR

Jerry Scoppa is a great teacher - from a teaching family and those of you who are active in Latin circles, will know his mother, Susie Scoppa.   Jerry is a tremendous history buff and is always ready to share his ideas and knowledge.    He and Susie have taught at an American Numismatic Association Seminar in Florida - what greater recommendation could one have!

Susan Bonvallet's TSR was used as an ACE contest

We like Sue Bonvallet's Design your own Roman Coin idea so much that we made it into Contest http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=794 - see the winning designs. Sue Bonvallet teaches at Wellington School in Columbus OH, and has helped spread her coin knowledge in seminars all over the state.

Here is a TSR from Dr Lane Brunner

Dr Lane Brunner of the American Numismatic Association has generously shared this document with us.   He is a charming person, and if you have not been been to the ANA in Colorado Springs, you have missed something.     Each Summer they run a wonderful Seminar called  "Coins in the Classroom" there and ACE's own Cathy Scaife teaches the Ancient Coins section - as an ACE Teacher you are eligible for a Scholarship to attend this unique experience........ what more could you want!