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Essay Contests
ACE Essay Contest Fall 2009

The ACE 2009/2010 Essay Contest has now been judged. Great Winners. Congratulations all!
1st place winner Wendy has been written up in her local newspaper..



Fall 2008 Essay Contest

Final Results

Roman Imperial coins & Animals for Fall Essay Subject Inspired by the Celator article of Mr. T.R. McIntosh of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists, and ACE's old friend Zach Beasley of Beast Coins -- with thanks to both and to the Celator!  Click the read more link to see the winners and read their essays!

ROMAN HISTORY Essay Contest Dec 2007

Subject:  The following are Roman emperors or a member of the imperial family for whom ancient Roman coins were struck:

Faustina Junior - wife of Marcus Aurelius
Gordian III and Tranquillina
Galla Placidia
Theodosius II

Choose ONE of the people above. Research the person and write an essay based on your research.  The essay should NOT be a dull listing of the person's accomplishments, but should show creativity and attention to the conditions of life at that time.  You may choose to focus on only one major event of the person's life, or several.  You may write from the point of view of the subject or from that of another person living at the  time

"Remembrance of Things Past" - Spring 2007
Ancient Coins for Education Essay Contest– Spring 2007
General:  This academic year ACE holds 2 Essay Contests as well as Image Contests..    In this Spring 2007 Essay Contest, we are “spreading the net wide” in a historical sense, because we want to encourage the various students to research and learn about a wide variety of ancient historical backgrounds.    The directions are given on page two as a handout for your students.  The essay characters may be a stretch from your curriculum, but we encourage you to get your students to enter, and not just because they will be competing for a small prize! 
Fall 2006 Essay Contest Results
As fall drew to a close, so did the first ACE Essay Contest of the academic year. It is traditional, while the students are only just starting to immerse themselves in their Roman coins, that the subject of this contest be Roman History .They were asked to write about one of the following Roman emperors or  members of the imperial family, for whom Roman coins were minted
Essay - the Wide World of Roman Trade

"The Wide World of Roman Trade" was the ACE May 2006 Essay Subject Aim of Essay:  To explore the wide range of trade both within the Roman Empire and beyond it.   A particular coin will be significant in the story.

Essays - "And they call us Barbarians"
Essay Subject - Spring 2006  Aim of Essay: To explore a perspective on the Roman Empire and Roman life from someone outside the empire.  A particular coin will be significant in the story.
Essays - The World of the Roman Provinces

In the late Spring / Summer of 2005, ACE ran an Essay Contest entitled "THE WORLD OF THE ROMAN PROVINCES".     From time to time, ACE classes get one or two Roman Provincial coins - these often both delight and puzzle the students since the inscriptions are in a local rather bastardised Greek letters alphabet.

New ACE Essay Contest
"Remembrance of Things Past"
The latest ACE Essay contest gives our students a huge historical range. 
They can base their essay on any Ancient Greek, Roman or Byzantine coin!! 
Click here for details..
Essays - "Animals in the Roman World"

In the Winter of 2004, the ACE students were asked to write about "Animals in the Roman World" This subject was popular but actually quite difficult.

Essays - Myths & Money

In May 2004, "MYTHS & MONEY" was the subject of the ACE Essay Contest. We first referred the Teachers and Students to the documents on Mythology at the ACE web site   - and asked each student  to choose a character or creature out of Roman or Greek mythology,  

Essays - "Letter from the Frontier"

In the early Spring of 2004, ACE asked its students to write about the far flung edges of the Roman Empire, but also required that the students bring in the "Personifications"so often used on coins, e.g  "Spes" (Hope), "Concordia" (Harmony, etc., as part of the Essay.   For a marvellous site on the Personifications shown on Roman coins, see http://www.beastcoins.com/Topical/Deities/AncientDeities.htm - each student should choose one Personification to highlight for the essay they will write. 

Essays - Roman Inscriptions on Stone

In April 2003, encouraged by the very helpful Press Officer at the Museum of Antiquities in Newcastle, England, we asked teachers to lead their Students into Roman Inscriptions as seen on other facets of Roman life - "not" coins - so that the students could see the written Latin on altars, tombstones, dedication tables on buildings, etc.,  and -on a particularly Roman item - Curse Tablets !

Essay Subject - Roman History

In the Fall, we start with a Roman History Essay Contest since the new schools have yet to get used to their coins, but Roman History is a subject they have already been studying.  

"Design a Roman Coin" Contest

"DESIGN A ROMAN COIN" was a contest in Winter 2003 and was not a standard essay contest.   

The winners are best seen through our Image Gallery -

1st ACE Contest 2001-02

In ACE's first year - 2001 - 02, we ran a General Contest which included both Coin Identification and Essays.