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The ACCG at the Trinity Pawling School Print E-mail
    In December, the Trinity Pawling School in NY state received four very special coins through the generosity of the Ancient Coin Collectors' Guild (ACCG) in recognition of the school's participation in the Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) program. The four coins were a bronze coin of Alexander the Great (ruled 336 - 323 BCE), a serrated bronze Seleukid Kingdom coin of King Alexander II Zebina  (ruled 128 - 123 BCE), a silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus ( ruled 193 - 211 CE),  and large bronze coin of Byzantine Emperor Maurice Tiberius ( ruled 582-602 CE). These four were donated to the school by the ACCG in addition to 25 early 4th century Roman bronze coins. All are currently on display in the school's library.