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About ACE
People ask "What is ACE"?
In 2001, a small group of classical numismatists came up with an idea for bringing ancient history to life in the classroom: give the kids a tangible link with the past through the restoration and identification of ancient coins. What better way to spark the imagination of young minds and generate interest in the ancient world than literally putting bits of that world directly into students’ hands?
What Teachers say about ACE
"Pone historiam in manus discipulorum tuorum"
( Put History into the hands of your students )

  is our "unofficial motto"....  


and below read quotes from our ACE teachers.....

ACE through the years

ACE is in its 7th year of operations! We can hardly believe it! ACE has come along way in a short time. ACE directors, teachers, students and volunteers have formed lasting connection with the past, the coins, and more importantly, with each other. It truly is an unique program!

Have a look at our past years' "6 Years of ACE" (pdf 166kb) flyer. Feel free to dowload it and use it at any ACE event.

To see some of our past events in the ACE Image Gallery