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Wayne Sayles generosity warms ACE teachers

Image As icy weather spread across most States in the Union, ACE Teachers  had just received a marvellous book to read on their “ Snow days” .  Thanks to noted numismatic author, Wayne Sayles,  and the generous donation of his book “Ancient Coin Collecting”,  teachers could both relax  in the warmth and make new Lesson Plans!     His book has great coin images and is brimming over with illustrated background information on Roman, Greek, Biblical and other ancient coins of all types...

It is the sort of book you keep on your desk with Post it stickers on the pages giving the timeline of all Roman and Byzantine Emperors, listing of all Roman and Greek Deities and Personifications, Greek and Latin alphabets, maps of different regions, etc - You want to see Homer on a coin, various Alexander the Great coins, an Athenian owl,  Elephants on various coins, Biblical coins, Parthian coins, Baktrian coins, Celtic coins and so on.... they are all there for teachers to see and show their students.   This was an unprecedented opportunity, especially for teachers who are fairly new to ancient coins... we have never been able to offer such a wonderful educational resource... ACE is indeed endebted to Wayne Sayles for his utmost generosity - such an opportunity is rare for teachers. 

Ancient Coins are for Everyone

The ACE Teachers are proving themselves both creative and flexible in the ways in which they are using worn ancient ( mainly Roman) coins in the Educational Process. 
 We have a few examples here - read about Jeff Baum's Ancient Coin Club in central NY state - http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/content/view/242/165/

Staci Weaver has a wonderful program for Autistic kids.... see Part I (.PDF_3.8mb) 

Also, Neal Evans, the author of Islamic Coins 101 in the Coin ID section,  is making a special reference book, using the better side of the worn Arch Sim coins.

"Largesse worthy of an Empress" in Atlanta

- courtesy of enthusiastic ACE teacher, and ancient coin lover, Kate Gilbert,of Ben Franklin Academy in Atlanta, 
all students and teachers who wanted a genuine Roman coin received one to take home and treasure for all time. 

Harlan Berk supports Ancient Coin Travelling Museum

Harlan J Berk, well known numismatist and author, whose enthusiasm for supporting educational projects knows no bounds, jumped right in to support an Ancient Coin Travelling Museum when Scott Uhrick of ACE first broached the idea.



Classes Meet Julius Caesar on the Ides of March

Image The Ides of March (15th) was a bad day for Julius Caesar.  The Roman general who rose to the pinnacle of power in 44 BC discovered that being "King of the Hill" was a deadly business.  Indeed, the fear of a monarchy and thus the loss of the Roman Republic , guided a dagger into his heart on that portentous day. 

On the 2050th anniversary of his murder by a protégé, Brutus, and other friends,  Latin and Classics teachers across the country will use ancient coins to teach a realistic history lesson. Of course there are no photos of Julius Caesar or his assassins, but lifelike portraits do exist on ancient coins.  One silver coin with the inscription EID MAR, actually commemorates the murder of Caesar as being a patriotic act!

$2,500 Technology Grant Awarded To ACE Teacher

 Introducing The Study of Ancient Coins and Classics

ImageA $2,500 Best Buy Teach Award has been presented to St. Louise de Marillac School for demonstrating how interactive technology can be used to make learning more fun for students.

Best Buy selected the project submitted by teacher, Zee Ann Poerio, based on the unique approach of integrating interactive technology with the study of ancient coins and Classics through the Ancient Coin Museum project. The museum which features students from the St. Louise de Marillac School Latin Club as docents was developed by Mrs. Poerio with Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) and has been featured at Classics conferences and educational events across the country. Poerio teaches third grade at the Pittsburgh based school and is the advisor for the Latin Club.  She serves as a director for Ancient Coins for Education, Chair of the Excellence Through Classics Board for the American Classical League (ACL),  on the Education and Youth Programs Task Force of the Ancient Coin Collector's Guild and was recently invited to join the Primary Latin Project Committee of the UK as one of two representatives from the United States.

The Celator Oct. 2006-Coins For the Holidays
Every year it catches us by surprise…. the HOLIDAYS are around the corner, and we begin to think about gift giving.   Last year I tried something new - a combined present of a book  with a related ancient coin, and it was popular, so I have compiled a list at the Ancient Coins for Education website under Special Projects in the hope that it will work for others.
The Celator, Sept. 2006
A Coin Image Test with Ancient Coins for Education
Those who read this are accomplished numismatists and dedicated coin collectors - but imagine instead that you are a teacher, a relative newcomer to ancient coins, and wanting to motivate your classics and history students by using actual artifacts of the period . . .Roman coins.
Irondequoit Post News April, 2006
ACE student Paula P of Irondequoit High School is recognized for her winning senior level essay contest, "And They Call Us Barbarians!" We are proud of Paula, her teacher Susie Scoppa, and all of the other ACE students in Irondequoit. Read the article to learn more. 
The Hartselle Enquirer, April 2006
 "A group of Hartselle High School students used elbow grease and research skills to unearth pieces of Roman history. Beth Chittam's Latin II classes participated in the Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) project to attribute and study 50 ancient Roman coins. Students have scrubbed, soaked and polished away more than 1,600 years of grime to be able to identify their coins and begin the research phase of the project."
Numismatist, April 2006
ACE teacher and Director Cathy Scaife was featured in this Numismatists in Action article.  She dicussed the impact of ancient coins in the classroom, and the ACE program. We couldn't be any prouder of her!!
The IHS News, Feb 2006
Here is an article from the Feb. 2006 issue of the IHS New, from Irondequoit High School, Rochester, NY, It was submitted by ACE Superstar Teacher Susie Scoppa. Thanks, Susie, for your support, and congratulations to Andrew for his fantastic article!!
PRIMA 2005
Here is an article featuring ACE's own Zee Poerio! It covers the Ancient Coin Museum that she developed at St. Louise de Marillac School. It covers all aspects of the event and was penned by our very own Cathy Scaife. PRIMA is the newsletter for Excellence Through Classics (ETC). Excellence Through Classics is a standing committee of the American Classical League. The ETC focuses on the teaching of Classics for Elementary and Middle School Levels K-9. http://www.etclassics.org
Numismatist, March 2005
ACE director and teacher Zee Poerio was featured in this "Numismatist in Action" article. She talked about coins, collecting, teaching and of course ACE!! Zee was the winner of the Harlan J. Berk Teacher Excellence Award in 2004. We couldn't be prouder of her! 
The Celator, May 2004
May, 2004 Celator article covering the ACE Ancient Coin Museum at the St Louise de Merillac School in Pittsburgh. 
Napanee Guide
Here is an article from the Napanee Guide. It features winners on an ACE contest at the Odessa Public Schools. The students participated in the ACE "Design a Roman Coin Contest"