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Coin Sites you should see - Links

Below you can click to come to a list of Coin Sites you should see - they are interesting and informative and when your interest strays beyond the 4th Century Roman Coins you initially have in front of you, this list is where you should start looking at different ancient coins: 

Click on..... it will be a revelation ! 

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    1) Please name and number your images which should be sent as attachments: OpenHouse1, Exhibition3, or whatever
    so that we know in what order to place the pictures.
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     i.e  OpenHouse1 - shows Principal Dr XX opening Exhibit  in Lexington, KY in
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    5) Help on taking images of coins can be found HERE   Click HERE for instruction on how to re-size pictures using Paint.net

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    ACE has developed some lesson and study plans that many first time particpants find useful. As you become familiar with the ACE program, you can develop your own. Please be sure to visit the Teacher Supplied Resources section of our site to see what other ACE teachers have come up with!
  • Supporting Resources  ( 5 items )
    ACE has put together some supporting resources to help add depth to the ACE project. These deal with such things as weights and measures, denominations of coinage, discussions on the evolution of Roman coinage,as well as articles contributed my noted authors Marvin Tameanko, and Victor Failmezger. We hope you find them useful.
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