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Student Contests & Awards

Right from the start in the Winter of 2001 - 2002, the folk at ACE decided that they wanted to hold contests and give out prizes to students..... obviously those prizes were going to be Roman coins, and the online Ancient Coin collectors groups responded with enthusiasm and generosity.

Since that early start, ACE has held a number of contests each academic year, with participants ranging from age 11 to age 21 ( in different age group categories of course!).

Tthe ACE annual Essay Contests have covered a whole host of subjects connected not just with Roman coins and history, but a complete cross section of subjects relating to life in the Roman era. There have also been "Sponsored" Essay Contests for Students, and "Image Contests" for students.

There are also a whole lot of ACE Repeatable Contests, which are designed so that teachers can assign them on an annual basis as a new crop of students enter their classes.


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ACE Repeatable Contests
The following ACE Contests can be used and re-used each year by ACE  and other Teachers - the answers for each contest are available  in Excel listing format from Souzana at Hauslohn@cox.net.   These contests are easy for teachers to run and can be repeated annually.    For ACE teachers, any special Finals Prizes and more than one AGE category relates only to the first publication of the particular Contest, BUT each school can have a School Winner per contest every new Academic Year, and that school winner, if an ACE member,  receives an identified bronze ancient coin.    Click here to learn more


Sponsored Essay Contests
Besides the annual Essay Contests planned by ACE, two very well known luminaries in the world of ancient coins generously sponsored special contests, donating super prizes and taking part in the judging of the relevant essays themselves....... Click here to learn more !


As well as the specially Sponsored Essay Contests, we have several Essay Contests annually on the subjects of Roman Coins and History, and many aspects of Roman culture and life at that time. Each Year, the Fall Essay contest is given out in October and due in to us in mid December, the School winners are chosen by the Teachers and are divided into 3 age categories: Junior / Intermediate / Senior then they are submitted to us, and the ACE Judging Panel goes to work! The 1st place winners receive a Silver Roman Denarius or Antoninianus, the 2nd placed winners receive 2 identified Roman bronze coins each, and 1 identified roman bronze goes to the 3rd placed students. However, every essay which is chosen as a school winner and submitted to us receives a standard 4th century Roman coin in recognition that they have reached the "Finals level" ! In the New Year , we run a further one or two Essay Contests and lastly in May we choose a "Best of the Best"of the Academic Year, who receives a Silver Denarius. Click here to learn more!!
At the end of 2005 and during the Spring and Summer of 2006, we started by trying out Image Contests on Teachers (!) - they proved popular, and so we jumped right in on Image Contests for Students - and our thanks to Stephen Arnold whose photographic help played a large role in pioneering the Image Contests. Click here to learn more!!