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Put a bunch of really old pieces of metal in a classroom and what do you get?

Ancient Coin Museums!!!!


Each young docent wears the badge of an ancient coin, their expressions concentrated as they memorize the details of "their" special coin. Excited, high pitched young voices vie to prove to their teacher Zee Ann Poerio, at Pittsburgh's St Louise de Marillac School that they are ready for the visitors to their very own Ancient Coin Museum. They are not just keepers of a couple of common Roman bronzes, but proud and careful custodians of a cross section of coins donated by the American Numismatic Association, Harlan J. Berk, VCoins and several collectors and ACE supporters

The enthusiasm for coins, inspired by third grade teacher Zee, was cemented by young Mia who earned a certificate from ACE for being the first and youngest student to identify her coin. When the idea of creating a school Ancient Coin Museum at St. Louise de Marillac School was introduced, all the students wanted to be involved to such an extent that the job of docent for a popular large Gordian III bronze showing Moesia flanked by a lion and a bull, both legionary emblems, has to be shared by a group of students working in shifts!

The school's open house in February was a trial run for the Museum, and parents examined the displays, amazed to see exhibits like the story of Alexander the Great and his followers told through coins. Many remarked that they wished that they had had such opportunities in their younger days, and that the ancient coins made history come alive for them in a totally new way.

Now, as the Ancient Coin Museum expands its displays in time for a three-day exhibition during National Coin Week in April, the zeal for coin collecting has caught on among the students' families and friends, and the students know that no coin is just a coin, but a window for observing more about the world of the past, which is surely only the start of a genuine appreciation of numismatics.


Ancient Coin Museums

The Ancient Coin Museum idea has really caught on. They are sprouting up all over the country! The student's and teacher's enthusiasm for ancient coins is so great, they can't help but share what they have learned. We at ACE couldn't be more excited about it! Here you wil find examples of the fine museums being produced by ACE schools. Click here to learn more!


News from Ancient Coin Museums

The ever creative museum curators (teachers!!) are always working to expand and improve their museums. They are adding coins, artifacts, and displays. They often develop new ideas and themes for their museums. We at ACE are constantly surprised by their creative efforts, (we shouldn't be, ACE teachers and students are the best!) Here you will find out what's new at the various Ancient Coin Museums around the country. Click here to learn more!