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Teacher Resources

Information for New ACE Teachers

Here is a section of quick links to the information a new AC E teacher will find the most useful. The ACE program can be a bit overwhelming the first time, these links should help ensure a smooth start.The entire ACE website has a wealth of information, if these quick links don't have what you are looking for, do a search. Still can't find an answer? e-mail us!

Submitting Images to ACE

When submitting images to ACE for use on the website or Image Gallery, following these few simple guidelines will make it easier for both the teacher and ACE. Click Here to learn more

Lesson and Study Plans, other useful info.

ACE has developed some lesson and study plans that many first time particpants find useful. As you become familiar with the ACE program, you can develop your own. Please be sure to visit the Teacher Supplied Resources section (see below) of our site to see what other ACE teachers have come up with. Also listed here are some guides and journals submitted by veteran ACE teachers, outlining what to expect the first year of particpation, as well has providing some tips on implementing the lesson and study plans. Click here to learn more!


Supporting Resources

ACE has put together these supporting resources to help add depth to the ACE project. The items here cover subjects like wages, values, weights and measures, coin denominations, discussions on the evolution of coinage as well as articles from noted authors Marvin Tameanko and Victor Failmezger. We hope you find them useful Click here to learn more!


Teacher Supplied Resources

ACE teachers are a creative bunch. They have taken the ACE program and ran with it, we couldn't be prouder! Here you will find various lesson plans, lab activities, and other resources sure to bring extra excitement to the ACE program. If you are looking for a way to spice up your program, look here. Have you developed your own unique plan or activity? Please share it with us!! Click here to learn more!


Historical Background Resources

This section contains resources that help fill in the historical background of ACE projects and activities. It covers things like mythology, maps, inscriptions and many other things that help expand on the ACE program. Click here to learn more!

Suggested Reading

ACE directors. teachers, mentors and supporters like to read. We have put together a list of suggested reading. Under this section you will find various reading lists. Some books are numismatic, some are fiction, some are non-fiction. Find out what ACE people are reading, and maybe add a book or two to your reading list. Click here to learn more!


Misc. Resources

ACE has assembled some other resources that ACE participants may find useful, Here you will find sample press releases, grant proposal templates, and parental releases. We hope that by providing these resources, we can save ACE teachers valuable time. Click here to view and download these resources.