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Attribution Project Help


ACE volunteers have worked hard to provide teachers and students with tools to help with the attribution process. Recieving ACE project coins, especially for the first time, can seem an overwhelming and daunting task. Our volunteers have at one time or another "been there...done that"!

So, have a look through the Attribution Help section. You will find information on conserving and restoring your coins, as well as helpful guides to identifying and attributing you coins. If you get stuck on a coin, use the Coin ID Help Form. ACE's expert numismatists stand ready to lend a hand.

We hope that these guides will help make your ACE project an educational, fun and rewarding project!!

We invite you to explore the below links!

Coin Id Help

You will find a variety af attribution resources here.

Coin Conservation

ACE has assembled these guides to the care and conservation of your coins. Removing centuries of dirt to reveal enough detail to attribute a coin can be a little nerve racking. These guides help ensure the process is fun and satisfying!

Coin Imaging

Getting a good picture of a coin can be as difficult and frustrating as attributing them! Here are some guides to obtaining a useable image using scanners, and digital cameras. When asking for attribution help, having a good clear picture is extremely important.