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In the Fall, we start with a Roman History Essay Contest since the new schools have yet to get used to their coins, but Roman History is a subject they have already been studying.  

Roman History Fall essays – each year we follow this format but change the names of the Emperors about whom, the students must write – here is an example

 Subject:  The following are Roman emperors or a member of the imperial family for whom ancient Roman coins were struck: 

Nero    Trajan     Antoninus Pius’ wife – Faustina Senior              Severus Alexander       Valerian I      Postumus the Usurper             Julian II the Apostate 

1.  Choose ONE of the people above. Research the person and write an essay based on your research.  The essay should NOT be a dull listing of the person’s accomplishments, but should show creativity and attention to the conditions of life at that time.  You may choose to focus on only one major event of the person’s life, or several.  You may write from the point of view of the subject or from that of another person living at the  time.  Incorporate elements of Roman culture as you describe the experience of your character.  A good essay will be RICH in vivid and accurate historical/cultural details. 2.  Historical accuracy of dates, places, context, cultural practices, and people is CRITICAL!!!  


See the various Roman History Essay Winners ( in academic year reverse order )

Fall 2005   Click the links below to see the Winners and read their essays

Junior Winner John A. 12, teacher Amy Gold Seven Bridges, NY. (pdf 28kb)

Intermediate co-winner David C. 14, teacher Debra Troxell - West Forsyth HS, NC (pdf 14kb)

Intermediate co-winner Katherine W. 13, teacher Benjamin Dyke - Covenant Day School, NC (pdf 19kb)

Senior winner Ashley B. 15, teacher Kelly Kusch - Covington Latin, KY (pdf 17kb)


Dec 2003   Click the links below to see the Winners and read their essays

Junior winner Vittoriano D.V.  (pdf 11kb)

Intermediate winner Sankapl G. (pdf 16kb)

Senior winner Kamarife N. (pdf  15kb)


Dec 2002   Click the links below to see the Winners and read their essays

Junior winner Rachel T. 12. Rivendell School, Arlington, VA (pdf 10kb)

Intermediate winner Kellene B. 14, Brookfield Academy, Brookfield, WI. (pdf 11kb)

Senior winner Rose W. 17,  Wellington School, Columbus, OH (pdf 12kb)




( Dr Tom Buggey owns this wonderful Trajan coin  which inspired many an Essay)