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"The Wide World of Roman Trade" was the ACE May 2006 Essay Subject Aim of Essay:  To explore the wide range of trade both within the Roman Empire and beyond it.   A particular coin will be significant in the story.


  It has been said that the far reaching extent of Roman trade was not equalled until the 17th  century in Europe. . . . You will be writing as a Merchant Trader living in some part of the Roman Empire and importing a commodity / or commodities from within and/or beyond the Empire.  The heading of your essay should give your character’s name, where he lives and the name of the reigning Emperor……..

 e.g. Decimus Augurinus of Massalia  in the reign of the Emperor Caracalla.

 a)         It should be written from the perspective of the Merchant Trader.

b)         It should describe the commodities in which your character deals, and from where he imports them.  Maybe you, the trader,  have travelled to some of these points of origin.

c)          Also mention the sort of customers who buy and use your goods.

d)         If you import raw materials, what do you do / make with them. 

You will feature a Roman coin in your story.  Please give the URL for this coin under your heading.  Perhaps you will include a coin minted by the present emperor at the time of your story, one that reminds your character of his experiences, or a coin offered in payment for goods or passage through foreign lands.   Make sure you describe the features of this coin in detail. Your essay should reflect research you have done about the products which you trade, their country of origin and their use in Roman times.  Accuracy of dates, places, context, cultural practices, and people is CRITICAL! A good essay will be RICH in vivid and accurate historical/cultural details. 

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