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Essay Subject - Spring 2006  Aim of Essay: To explore a perspective on the Roman Empire and Roman life from someone outside the empire.  A particular coin will be significant in the story.  
A Druid & other British Barbarians !

The Subject :  1.  You will be writing as a "barbarian"!   Here are some sample scenarios . . . a)  A "barbarian" whose tribe has been conquered by the Romans and whose lands have now been absorbed into the Roman Empire b) A barbarian warrior from beyond the Roman frontier, now invading and intent on conquering Roman territory and acquiring the benefits of the richer lifestyle and economy c) A person born of a Germanic or other foreign "barbarian" tribe, but now living in the Roman Empire, remembering earlier days and noticing vast differences between the tribe's customs and the Roman traditions s/he now observes. d) A local tribesman who gets a close-up glimpse of Roman military life and leaders on the frontier. 

 2. You will feature a Roman coin in your story-perhaps one minted by the emperor whose legions block a barbarian invasion; perhaps a coin issued by an Emperor to commemorate his conquest of your lands and inclusion of them into the Roman Empire; or perhaps a coin that reminds your character of his/her experiences.  Make sure you describe the features of this coin in detail. 

3. Your essay should reflect research you have done about the barbarian tribe, historical conflicts with the Romans, cultural practices of both Romans and the tribe.  Accuracy of dates, places, context, cultural practices, and people is CRITICAL! A good essay will be RICH in vivid and accurate historical/cultural details.

4. You may choose to focus on only one major event of the chosen person's life, or several.  You must write from the point of view of a "Barbarian"!

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