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In the late Spring / Summer of 2005, ACE ran an Essay Contest entitled "THE WORLD OF THE ROMAN PROVINCES".     From time to time, ACE classes get one or two Roman Provincial coins - these often both delight and puzzle the students since the inscriptions are in a local rather bastardised Greek letters alphabet.


( Note the non-Latin letters in this inscription on a coin of Septimius Severus from Pautalia)

Roman Provincial Coins  are the subject of this essay Contest.......   First read the document HERE  and you will be then directed to go to http://www.aeratvs.com/provincial/       When you have discussed the ramifications of
Mark Lehman's article,   please instruct your students to go to this second site (aeratus) and :

1)      Carefully choose one particular coin, which will form the jumping off point and basic hub of their essays.

2)    The Essays should be entitled                    "The World of the Roman Provinces "  with a title continuation showing which city / province has been chosen.... i.e.  "Nikopolis in Moesia "

3)    The sub-titles should firmly anchor the imperial reign and the dates at which the essay starts, for example  "In the reign of the Emperor Septimius Severus .. 193-211 CE".

4)    We fully appreciate that the chosen character/s  could have been born in the reign of Septimius Severus, and yet the main action of the story could be taking place under the Emperor Caracalla.     It is up to the student, to show clearly that  he or she understands this point.

5)  Please be very careful about historical timelines and settings.   Teachers and students should proof read to make sure that these are right.   Obviously bad lapses on this front will mean that the essay is "marked down"  by the judges !



Click the links below to read the winning essays

Junior winner Skyler G. 12, teacher Kris Tracy - Ricks Center, CO (pdf 19kb)

Intermediate winner West C. 13, teacher Micheal Posey, Collegiate Sch., VA (pdf 10kb)

Senior winner Stephanie D. 16, teacher Mary France, Liberty HS, CO (pdf 78kb)