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Welcome to the ACE Historical Background Resource Group 

We are slowly building up this Category Folder with Historical Background information and resources, which can be used and referred to across various of the ACE activities........ our Essay Contests, our Image Contests, the Archaeological Simulation project, the ACE school Coin Museums, etc.   Some of the information to which we will direct you will be in our Image Gallery.

The World in 250 BC according to ancient Greek, Eratosthenes

For example: here's a link to Maps of the Ancient World....

Whilst there you will also see another subfolder on Roman Mosaics  

Read  our " Mythology"  subfolder

To see examples of Roman Inscriptions in Stone, click on our folders entitled ... "Altars" or  "Tombstones"  or  "Dedications"  or find the lead Curse tablet inscription in  "Varied Inscriptions"