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At the end of 2005 and during the Spring and Summer of 2006, we started by trying out Image Contests on Teachers (!)   - they proved popular, and so we jumped right  in on Image Contests for Students - and our thanks to Stephen Arnold whose photographic help played a large role in pioneering the Image Contests.


(This Certificate and an ancient coin was awarded to a Budding Numismatist from each school who took part in our May 2006 "Budding Numismatist " Image Contest.)



See our pioneering Image Contests for Students thus far :

The Beginning Historian Image Contest can be seen at   http://www.stoa.org/gallery/album222

 The Budding Numismatist contest was a Student Coin Image Quiz - see the questions at http://www.stoa.org/gallery/TheBuddingNumismatnt-Contest-May-06


The Summer School 2006 Image Quiz took us in a slight new direction mixing Mythology, Historical characters and of course Coins

Try it at  http://www.stoa.org/gallery/Summer-School-2006-Quiz


Fall 06 / Spring 07  - more Image Contests coming, especially those with a Mythological tinge !


? The answers?   aaahh - you have to email Souzana at ACE for them.... you don't think we post them on line, do you?!

There are many Triumphal Arches in Rome, this engraving is from 1795, but as you see,

the Arch is much older ...                                                                    Image