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"Pone historiam in manus discipulorum tuorum"
( Put History into the hands of your students )

  is our "unofficial motto"....  


and below read quotes from our ACE teachers.....


What Teachers actually said !

"These coins are the best things that I have encountered in my whole teaching career."                                   Teacher Dawn LaFon of White Station HS, TN 

"ACE gave my students -- all of them, regardless of ability in the language -- a tangible hold on the ancient world. Every student enjoyed delving into the "mystery" behind his or her coin and learning about the Romans in a true discovery process. The materials and support from ACE made it all possible, especially for teachers who knew very little about Roman coins."     -        Teacher Elyce Moschella of Brookfield East H.S, WI"

"The ACE program shows how small change can make a big splash.  ACE offers a wealth of information by providing educational, creative, and fun opportunities for classrooms with outstanding teacher support."          -              Teacher Zee Ann Poerio of St Louise de Marillac School, PA.

"My students love the ACE project!  They're thrilled by the opportunity to handle authentic Roman artifacts, and they learn so much when they research their coins in order to identify them.  ACE is also great about supplying valuable support materials for both the teacher and the students.  It's a wonderful experience!"          -                      Teacher Deborah Carter of Linganore HS, MD.

"Everyone in the Class is really excited about this project." -        Teacher Faye Peel of  Phoenixville H.S. PA

"The grant from ACE to my Latin classes began not only student interest in coins and life beyond the textbook, but also a family hobby with includes my husband the engineer and my son the 6th grade teacher.  Imagine students beginning the school year asking when we will do coin cleaning, or even more bizarre, family discussions about Roman emperors like Probus and Septimius Severus.  An Ace grant can be a life-changing experience!"               Teacher Susie Scoppa of Bloomfield HS, NY"

For some students, the chance to touch something which actually comes from Rome gives the  ancient  world a reality it never had before.   They touch, and they believe."       -                                                        Teacher Leslie Perkins of St John's Country Day School, FL

"My middle school students and I have enjoyed participating in ACE for several years.  The folks online have always been so very helpful and prompt with answers and assistance, and one of the folks involved with them who lives nearby came to do a presentation to the students last year.    It was fabulous, and we hope very much to have him again this year.  My students learn from the Cambridge Latin program, which in level 1 is based on a real Pompeii argentarius, so ACE really ties in well with this and gives them a taste of ancient reality!"      -                   Teacher Kay Zimmerman of Greensboro Day School, NC

"The ACE project gives students vivid glimpses of Roman history and culture that previously were only words on a page.   As a teacher I have appreciated how this program brings resources to my classroom far beyond my own expertise, and the meaningful reliance on internet resources has strengthened all of our technology skills.  The essays, wonderful teaching tools, allow students a chance to challenge themselves beyond their own school environment.  Their appreciation of ancient artifacts is stronger as a result of caring for a single coin, and I am grateful for this chance to make them more enthusiastic museum goers for the rest of their lives."       -        Teacher Cathy Scaife of Lexington Catholic H.S, KY

I have enjoyed working with ACE.  It's wonderful to be able to teach history and Latin, but for the students, being able to touch history and see the language in action is amazing.  ACE provides students with real pieces of history  (not to mention also sponsoring extracurricular activities such as essay contests)!            -                          Teacher Michael Adkins of Trinity School @ River Ridge,  MN

"A couple of students have been revitalized by this project and actually have started doing more of their regular work."   -        Teacher Pauline Demetri of the Cambridge Rindge & Latin School, MA.

My class began examining its coins last Friday, and set them to soak in olive oil today. A thrill went through the room as they compared letters and images that they could see on the coins. I am reading aloud selections from an illustrated encyclopedia about Rome, and they are already making connections between the coins and what they are hearing. Conducting a simulated "dig"  ( through ACE's Archaeological Simulation project) will enhance their understanding of where the coins come from and how precious they are. My excitement about their excitement is enhanced by the fact that I am a first year teacher in a school in a very impoverished district. The connection to ACE is immeasurably expanding their world each day!      -    Teacher Janis Michael of Little Fort School, IL

"The ACE Project is the most effective way I've found to motivate disinterested students in ancient civilization and to increase the enthusiasm of those students who excel in classical studies."       -                                      Teacher Mark Byers of Southside HS, AR

"My students have been thrilled to be introduced to the mysteries, surprises, and the thrill of discovery in the world of ancient coins.  The opportunities for contests were great--fabulous learning for the students...without even realizing they were doing it!"         -        Teacher Doug McLaren of Markham District HS, Ontario, Canada.

By working with ancient coins students can experience history not as a linear series of facts but as an organic whole. They imagine who last touched their coin, what it was able to purchase, who minted it and why, and how the coin came into their hands; they truly touch the past.     -        Teacher Susan Bonvallet of The Wellington School, OH.  

ACE coin program has become a central curriculum component of my Latin classes.  Last year was my first year, and as a student teacher in history, this program was quite an impressive idea that no one had ever heard of or imagined doing.  Word got around the school fast and the yearbook asked to take pictures of my students preparing coins.  Scott Uhrich has been a wonderful walking encyclopedia of information and my students just loved him!  When does a student ever have a chance to actually hold something so old in their hands.  Children love to use their hands and feel things.  This is always scary in a museum with guards watching and alarms rigged to sound off, so ACE brings the museum to the students, and best of all, they get to keep their bit of history!       -               Teacher Laura Guadagnoli of Trumbull HS, CT

My public school students here in Hampton, VA are very enthusiastic about the ACE project.  In fact, this year several have taken the initiative to join the Latin Club so that they can participate in the activities related to preparing and deciphering their own ancient coins, which are so generously provided by ACE and its donors.  Numbers?  The Latin Club's voluntary enrollment has grown to almost 50% of my students.  At a time when Latin I enrollemnt is at an all time low and students are choosing early dismissal over advanced or academic electives, this is indeed, quite notable.    -        Teacher Lisa Auanger of Kecoughtan HS, VA

On Friday, Jerry, my son, and I will be presenting how to use ancient coins in the classroom in two separate locations--Jerry in Lake Placid,NY and I in Binghamton, NY.  He is a grade 6 teacher, and I teach Latin and grade 7 English.  We will be sharing a teaching tool and lifetime hobby which has "taken over" our family.    ACE is a story starter....it opens new worlds of interest to adults as well as children.       -                                               Teachers Susie & Jerry Scoppa, NY State

As a Latin teacher, I love the way ACE gives students a connection to the people whose language they work so hard to learn.  Many of my students have a hard time even processing the idea that real people ever used Latin, or if they did, that they not only used it for oratory in the Senate and composing poetry but also used it to buy bread, yell at their younger siblings, and talk to their boy- or girlfriends.  It's wonderful to be able to put a coin in their hands, one with Latin on it, and say "look at this --people 1600 years ago actually used this as part of their daily lives!" ACE's archaeology simulation package also allows me to set up an archaeological "dig" in the classroom where students can dig methodically for finds, measure and record data, learn about conservation and restoration, theorize about what they've found, and write up their results.  By providing students with a hands-on demonstration of archaeological methods and an insight into where ancient coins and other finds come from, the arch sim program fosters both an interest in the past and a sense of stewardship toward preserving its artifacts.            -                        Teacher Kate Gilbert of  Ben Franklin Academy, Atlanta, GA