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Jerry Scoppa is a great teacher - from a teaching family and those of you who are active in Latin circles, will know his mother, Susie Scoppa.   Jerry is a tremendous history buff and is always ready to share his ideas and knowledge.    He and Susie have taught at an American Numismatic Association Seminar in Florida - what greater recommendation could one have!

Click on the links below to download the resources, other formats available on request.

Roman Coin 1st Observation (pdf 5kb) 

Attribution of a Roman Coin (pdf 5kb) 

Coin Comparison (pdf 20kb) 

Coin Art Project (pdf 30kb)

Coin Math (pdf 12kb) 

History of a Ruler (pdf 6kb) 

Geography of a Coin (pdf 15kb) 

Historical Fiction Writing (pdf 10kb) 

News Article (pdf 18kb) 

Powerpoint Project (pdf 7kb) 

Timeline (pdf 17kb) 


Thanks Jerry!!