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Lisa Auanger - a remarkable VA Teacher's TSR ideas Print E-mail

After just six months of teacher Lisa Auanger of Hampton, VA, starting the ACE program with her students, we knew she was a "rising star" and awarded her the "Best New Teacher of the Year" prize.      Very quickly she shared her teaching gifts and ancient coin knowledge  with the Weekend and Summer programs at the illustrious College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA...... we are oh so happy and lucky to have her as part of the ACE Teachers Group!

Click on the links below to download the resources, other formats available on request.

Design Your Own Coin (pdf 54kb) 

Introduction to Coins: Webquest (pdf 33kb) 

Homework for Latin 1 Students (pdf 6kb) 

Coin Station (pdf 35kb) 

Coin Attribution Project (pdf 12kb) 


Thanks Lisa!!