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Cathy Scaife is a superlative Latin High School teacher in Lexington KY.   She joined the ACE project early in 2002, and has been one of the amazing "stars" of our program ever since.       Early on, she enrolled in the American Numismatic Association's  "Coins in the Classroom" Seminar in Colorado Springs, and they were so impressed by her ancient coin knowledge, that the next year they invited her back to take over and present  the ancient coins section of that particular seminar.... she has been a mainstay of that Seminar ever since.   The ANA makes Scholarships available to ACE teachers to attend the week's Coins in the Classroom seminar.       If you want to learn more about the ANA's  Education Outreach and their Coins in the Classroom seminar, please go to

Click on then links below to download the resources, other formats available upon request.

 Coin Diagram (pdf 68 kb)

Scavenger Hunt part 1 (pdf 38kb) 

Scavanger Hunt  part 2 (pdf 48kb) 

Folles of the Tetrachy (pdf 33kb) 

ACE Teacher's Journal (pdf 18kb) 

Thanks Cathy!!