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( note the variations within this age group)

Diane Stanley

Description :  Suitable for Elementary school beginners... Interesting illustrations, well
researched,  factual and generally very well presented.... Learning for the beginners in a great

Age Group :  6 upwards

Recommended Coin :    Well, a Cleopatra VII coin would be lovely but... realistically, a Mark
Antony Legionary Denarius would be way more affordable and super.

Mark Antony Legonary Denarius - photo courtesy of Mark Lehman

"Greek Myths for Young Children"
Marcia Williams

Description : in Comic strip format - it includes such favorites as Herakles/Hercules, Medusa,
Orpheus, etc..   ( See other Mythology connected titles which will be posted in the Special
Interests section in due course)

Age Group : 7 upwards

Recommended Coin :  Septimius Severus with  Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion reverse  but
many others would do fine - these mythological characters being popular on ancient coins !

Coin Image
Septimius Severus - Hercules fighting the Nemean Lion - photo courtesy of Ancient Imports

Ancient Rome "Activity type books"

There are quite a number of these "Roman activities" type books for Younger readers on
the market and  it is best to go into a large bookstore, and  browse through what is
available to see what would best suit the recipient of your gift of a book and a coin.

"Spend the day in Ancient Rome"
"Classical Kids"
"The Roman Colosseum"

Age Group 7 upwards

Recommended Coin     A Later Roman bronze with a temple reverse

Coin Image
Maxentius Follis - photo courtesy ofHerakles Numismatics

"The Librarian who measured the Earth"
Kathryn Lasky

Description :  Who remembers Eratosthenes of Cyrene ?  He lived from 276 to 194 BC., and ran
the famous Library in Alexandria (Egypt)    This book remembers him  - and makes this ancient
mathemetician and geographer's work interesting for Elementary School kids.... A great feat !

Age Group :  8 upwards - those who love Math & Science

Recommended Coin :   Ptolemaic   - Ptolemy III Euergetes ( or Ptolemy IV Philopator )

Coin Image
Ptolemy III Tetradrachm - photo courtesy of Beast Coins

"Hadrian's Wall in the days of the Romans"
Ronald Embleton  and  Frank Graham

Description : Non Fiction.   With over 400 illustrations, this book combines images of genuine
artifacts, diagrams & maps,  and drawings of recreated Roman scenes.

Age Group :  Age 12 - heavily oriented towards Boys due to the  many Roman Army illustrations

Recommended Coins:   If Hadrian seems a bit pricey for that age group, then how about
Constantine who was born in Britain at Eburacum (York),   or British usurpers Allectus or

Coin Image
Allectus AE Quinarius - (photo courtesy of Mark Lehman)

"The Cavalryman"
( part of the "Roman World" series)
Peter Connolly

Description :  A Roman soldier at the time of the Emperor Trajan - well produced and factual but
difficult to find - people keep their copies!

Age Group :  9 onwards - of most interest to boys ( and men - re-enactors!)

Recommended Coin : Trajan

Coin Image
Trajan Denarius - photo courtesy of Barry and Darling

"Galen - My life in Imperial Rome "
Marissa Moss

Description :  Galen, a 12 year old slave living in the Rome of Augustus - factual and nicely
illustrated - have a look at this one !

Age Group 10 upwards

Recommended Coin : minted by  the Emperor Augustus of course

Coin Image
Augustus Cistophoric Tetradrachm - photo courtesy of Mark Lehman

"The Thieves of Ostia"
Caroline Lawrence

Description :  Flavia, a young Roman girl in 79 AD in the Roman post of Ostia sets out with the
help of a group of friends to solve the mystery of who is killing the local dogs.  Great fun.
This author has a whole group of "Roman mysteries" involving young Flavia !  

Age Group : 10 upwards

Recommended Coins :  Vespasian

Coin Image
Vespasian Dupondius - photo courtesy of Mark Lehman

"The Secrets of Vesuvius"
Caroline Lawrence

Description :    Book two recounting the advantures of Flavia and her friends.... This time in
Pompeii - where more mysteries confront them and  Vesuvius erupts, but they, of course,  
escape - to go on to the next mystery in the series.....

Age Group :  10 upwards  

Recommended coin - Titus

Coin Image
Titus Denarius - photo courtesy of Beast Coins

Follow Flavia and her unusual group of friends,
as Caroline Lawrence's Roman mysteries continue :

Other titles in the series :

"The Pirates of Pompeii"   After Vesuvius'eruption,  Flavia and her friends are sheltering in a
camp where they encounter mysterious disappearances  - they are kidnapped and must escape -
of course they do... and go on to other mysteries such as

"The Assassins of Rome"    More secrets to uncover - and assasins this time too...

Coin Image
Titus provincial coin - photo courtesy of Herakles Numismatics

There are more books following the adventures of Flavia and her group - read about them
-    they are suitable for the same Age Group
-    and
-    Titus as Augustus or Domitian as Caesar  would again be the Recommended Coin

Coin Image
Domitian Denarius - photo courtesy of Kevin Ingleston

and further titles in this series where different coins could be selected to accompany the
books :

"The Colossus of Rhodes"    Flavia and her friends tackle a group of slavetraders capturing
freeborn children....
The setting in Rhodes enables a change of Recommended Coin
if desired an earlier coin could inspire curiosity back to the pre Roman times in Rhodes:

Coin Image
Greek coin ( 300 BC ) from Rhodes in Caria with a Rose symbol - photo courtesy of Ancient Imports

As we write this, we await the publication in October 2006 of Caroline Lawrence's most
recent tale of the adventures of Flavia................    "The Fugitive from Corinth" - who
knows what awaits us.....but we can pair a coin connecting us to Corinth which Flavia
might have found at the bottom of an old well.....

Coin Image
Corinthian Stater before B.C. 350 -photo courtesy of Wayne Sayles

"The Eagle of the Ninth"
Rosemary Sutcliff

Description:  Set in 2nd Century AD Britannia, Marcus, a centurion of the II Legion is severely 
wounded and out of action, but is gripped by his desire to find the lost Eagle (standard) of the IX
Legion, in which his father served, which was lost when that Legion disappeared in the wilds of
barbarian Caledonia ... many adventures ensue as he sets out to find it......   ( that a Legion did
disappear in Caledonia circa 117 AD is fact)

Age Group : 10 onwards

Recommended Coin :  Hadrian

Denarius of Hadrian - photo courtesy of Harlan J. Berk

"The Silver Branch"

Rosemary Sutcliff

Description:  Set in Roman Britain at the end of the 3rd century AD -  the time of the Usurpers
Carausius and then Allectus.

Age Group : 10 onwards

Recommended Coin :  Carausius or Allectus

Coin Image
Antoninianus of Carausius - photo courtesy of Beast Coins

We hope you found this list useful.
Print it out and take it shopping!

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