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Coins for the Holidays - Young Adults/Adult books
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   ( High School onwards)

"Imperial Governor"
George Shipway

Description :  Novel - Roman Britain at the time of Boudicca's revolt.    Well researched,  
fascinating and thoroughly recommended.  

Age Group :  15 onwards

Recommended Coins :  Nero or Claudius

Coin Image
Coins of Nero and Claudius

(Coins - courtesy of Mark Lehman)

"Eagle in the Snow"
Wallace Breem

Description :  Fiction - A General with only one Legion -  the XX  -  defending the German
frontier of the Roman Empire in the chaos of the very early 400s AD.

Age Group  16 onwards

Recommended Coin :   Honorius

Coin of Honorius

"Household Gods"
Judith Tarr & Harry Turtledove

Description :  Fiction -   "Time traveller genre"    A female attorney who wakes up in the Roman
Empire at the time of Marcus Aurelius.  She is a single mother and a strong character who finds
herself having to adapt to a lot of changes involved in life in the 2nd century AD.    "Time
traveller"fiction can be rather hackneyed, but these authors have gone to great pains to convey a
real feeling of life at that time - the real nitty gritty of it !

Age Group : 15 onwards

Recommended Coin :    Marcus Aurelius

Coin Image
Marcus Aurelius Denarius - photo courtesy of Kevin Ingleston

"Winter Quarters"
Alfred Duggan

Description :  Fiction - .   A  interesting picture of the Roman Army at the time of the 1st
Triumvirate of Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus, as seen from the aspect of two Gauls who
join the Roman Army.   They journey through different parts of the Roman Empire and then take
part in the ill-fated Parthian campaign of 54 B C., which ended in the disastrous defeat of Crassus
at Carrhae.

Age Group :  15 onwards

Recommended Coin :   Late Republican Roman

Coin Image
L. Scribonius Libo Denarius 62 BC - photo courtesy of Mark Lehman

"Three's Company"
 Alfred Duggan

Description :    Set at the time of the 2nd Triumvirate of Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus, and
the ensuing civil war.

Age Group :  15 onwards

Recommended coin :  Roman Imperatorial

Coin Image
Mark Antony Legionary Denarius - photo courtesy of Mark Lehman

"Family Favourites"
 Alfred Duggan

Description : Set in the early 3rd century AD, this follows the rule of the outrageous Emperor
Elagabalus. - but book not easy to find.

Age Group 16 onwards

Recommended Coin :   Elagabalus

Coin Image
Denarius of Elagabalus - photo courtesy of Kevin Ingleston

"The Little Emperors"
 Alfred Duggan

Description :  Fiction  - Set in the early 5th Century Britain as the power of the Roman Empire
and its administration collapes.

Age Group : 15 onwards

Recommended Coin :  Honorius 

Coin Image
Coin fo Honorius

Other historical novels by British author Alfred Duggan
(not always easy to find but worth the try!)

"King of Pontus"   ( also sold under the title  "He died old" )
About Mithradates VI the Great of Pontus - a truly remarkable ruler at the end of the Hellenistic
Age and with the rise of Rome in the 1st Century BC
Recommended Coin
Pontos Amisos at the time of Mithradates VI - Head of Ares on Obv

Coin Image
Pontos Amisos with helmeted head of Ares - courtesy of Wayne Sayles

"Elephants & Castles"  - Set in Macedon after the death of Alexander, the story of Antigonos
and his son, Demetrios Poliorketes
Recommended coin  -  Demetrios Poliorketes - Macedonian Helmet

Coin Image
Demetrios Poliorketes of Macedonia coin - courtesy of ACE

"Children of the Wolf"  - The early days of Rome
Recommended Coin =Commemorative issue  -  Urbs Roma

Coin Image
URBS ROMA Wolf and Twins - photo courtesy of Kevin Ingleston

"Knight with Armour"  - the First Crusade
Recommended Coin = Crusader

Coin Image
Crusader coin - photo courtesy of Wayne Sayles

" I, Claudius" and "Claudius the God"
Robert Graves

Description :  A "classic" - told as  the "autobiography" of the Emperor Claudius, who
limped and stuttered and no-one imagined that one day he would rule, and that is how
he survived !   All the machinations of the Julio-Claudians are brought to light - the
plotting, the betrayals and murders.   Written in the 1930s, and made more recently 
into a wonderful series by the BBC  - maybe here the idea should be to give a DVD or
Video of that series to accompany the coin?

Age Group : 16 onwards

Recommended Coins :   Any of the Julio-Claudians - there are quite a number of
Roman coins which portray more than one member of that family - all of whom are
mentioned in the books.   See below ........  Claudius with Livia reverse

Coin Image
Claudius AE with Livia reverse - courtesy Ancient Imports

"The Black Sea"
 Neal Ascherson

Description : This book covers a lot of territory in more ways than one - part ancient history, part
modern history and also a traveller's companion.   For those who love to learn about places not
on the usual tourist routes - read this and think about planning a journey.

Age Group : 18 onwards

Recommended Coin :  Coin of the Kingdoms of Pontus or Bosphorus

Coin Image
Cotys II of Bosphorus - photo courtesy of Beast Coins

"Monumental Coins"
 Marvin Tameanko


Description :  For anyone who loves history and ancient architecture and coins - a
wonderfully illustrated book by well known authority, Marvin Tameanko, who also happens to
be an ACE supporter and Mentor of an ACE school in Canada 

Age Group : 15 onwards

Recommended Coins   Choose from the many Roman Imperial coins which depict
temples and other buildings.  Some of these can be obtained quite reasonably.

Coin Image
Antoninus Pius Denarius - photo courtesy of Harlan J. Berk

Coin Image
Probus Antoninianus - photo courtesy of Kevin Ingleston

"ALEXANDER the Great"

Image of Alexander - courtesy of Stephen Arnold

A search on Amazon, a wander through Borders or Barnes & Noble bring one
to a wide assortment of books on Alexander, from simplified largely illustrated
books for younger readers, to learned tomes for the Alexander enthusiast,
who, though we find it surprising, may never have thought of owning a coin of
Alexander the Great.  Besides beautiful silver coins, there are  fairly
inexpensive Alexander bronzes.     The "Alexander"  film on DVD may appeal
to teenagers, instead of a book.

Age Group :  A variety of books to suit almost any age and taste and level of knowledge.

Recommended Coin :     Alexander  !

Coin Image
Alexander the Great Drachm - photo courtesy of Souzanna Steverding

Coin Image
Alexander the Great AE- photo courtesy of Scott Urich