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Vol. 20, No. 9, September 2006, page 32

A Coin Image Test with Ancient Coins for Education

Those who read this are accomplished numismatists and dedicated coin collectors
- but imagine instead that you are a teacher, a relative newcomer to ancient coins,
and wanting to motivate your classics and history students by using actual artifacts
of the period . . .Roman coins.  
You may want to take our ACE Coin Image contest at

These Image contests are the latest outreach of Ancient Coins for Education,  
sponsored by  Harlan J. Berk, the Chicago-based  internationally renowned
numismatist and author,  together with ACE,  with the purpose of opening up young
minds in schools all over the country to the passion of ancient coins and ancient

Nicole Diamente, teacher at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY, has
participated in the ACE coin attribution project for five years.  Due to Ms.
Diamente's fascination with ancient coins, her Latin students have distinguished
themselves in ACE essay contests,  and this year honed their numismatic research
skills by winning the highest score in a Student ACE Coin Image Contest.  This
spring, their teacher, Nicole Diamente, did even better by winning all three of the
Teacher Image contests with perfect scores.    Harlan Berk, himself,  chose an EF
Julia Domna Denarius prize, which was presented to her with the Corona
Eruditionis award by  ACE Director Scott Uhrick.

No doubt, if you try your hand, you will "ace" the  image test, but doing so will take
you back to your early days of collecting and give you again a beginners' insight into
ancient coins.  We all started off that way and now want to share our love of ancient
coin collecting and expand the hobby.

You may want to try this contest with your kids or grandkids.   What better way to and
engender an enthusiastic interest than with a little contest . . .and maybe you will
reward a good result with a coin prize too?!

"LatinTeacher Nicole Diamente winner of 3 ACE Image contests being presented with the Harlan J. Berk "Corona Eruditionis"award by Scott Uhrick of ACE"