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ACE is 100% funded by the generous donations of the coin collecting community, Folks who can see the benefit that ACE not only brings to students, but to the hobby in general. The ACE program exposes students to the hobby of ancient coin collecting raising their awareness of it, even creating new collectors from the teachers, students and their families who participate. The following people, families, groups, and organizations have provided ACE with support during the 2006-7 season. Without their generous donation of money, coins and other supplies ACE would not be able to do all the great things it does. THANKS!!!!

Kate Gilbert

Marc Chavez

K. Sarracino

Dennis Traiana

Ivy Sun

Candice Holmberg

Kurt Ellenberger

Tony Jaworski

Ancient Peddler Yahoo Group  

Ronald Bude

Al Newton

Carl Gallardo

Ed Kahler

Keith Palmer

Tom Ross

William Boggess III 

Chris Storck   

Tracy "Shay" Harris

Peter Van Wyhe

 Pauline Demitri

John Jencek 

Marc Breitsprecher
Ancient Imports

Tom Buggey

Brett Telford

Ridgefield Academy

Wayne Sayles


Allan White

Matt Richter


The CoinZappers
Yahoo Group 

Warren Foster

Neptune Numismatics 

Leisa Waggoner

Jerry Coddington 

Virginia Hipszky

Et Tu Antiquities

Andrew Thall 

Steven Porter

Bob Bischoff

Tom Mann
Frascatius Ancients
David R. Sear 

 Bob Lilja

Imperial Coins 

Burak Cebeci

Glenn Simonelli

Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN)

The Gentile Family

Deborah of Collectors Choice

Edward Beck

Thomas O'Neil

 Allen Belzel

Suzanne Jackson

Bob Rinaldi

Jerry Jones

John McConnell

Dave Wilber

Carolynn Bower

Dennis Skea 

Shawn Chastain 

Chip Vaughn 

Ed Witherspoon

Phil Jones
PBJI Coins

 Dr. Tom Buggey

William Peters
ACE Chairman Emeritus