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ACE and The ACCG 2006-7

  ImageACCG Repeats Its Success Story!

 ACCG sponsoring ACE schools -  2006-07
After last year's success, the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (ACCG) decided to repeat its sponsoring of a group of ACE Schools.  

Those schools lucky enough to receive ACCG sponsorship with an accompanying pack of 25 Optimate Roman bronze coins,  and their own special ACCG Mentor are :

The Trinity Pawling School in NY State, which is being mentored by Scott Uhrick, an ACCG member.

Oak Mountain High School in Birmingham, AL, and Atlamont School in Birmingham, AL Both of which are being mentored by ACCG member,  Dr Scott Rottinghaus

 Milken Community High School in Los Angeles is being mentored for the 2nd year running by Ken Baumheckel of the Ancient Coin Club of Los Angeles ("ACCLA"), an ACCG Affiliate

The Tampa Prep School in Tampa, Florida is again being mentored for the 2nd year by Robert Schneider, who represents the Ancient Peddler Yahoo discussion group, an ACCG Affiliate.

Roswell High School in Georgia received an ACCG Introductory pack of 25 Optimate Roman bronze coins.

In addition, ACCG sponsored the donation of a "Bonus Pack of identified ancient coins"  to the first 5 schools above
The ACCG Bonus Pack  of identified coins included an ancient Greek coin, a Roman AR and a Byzantine AE, with accompanying background information including maps. 

In a very nice gesture, ACCG Education Task Force co-ordinator, Brett Telford, himself sponsored  a school in California. Thanks to Brett, St Margaret's School in San Juan Capistrano was sponsored with a package of Optimate bronze coins, joining the ACE project.    Brett's friend, Frank Martin, a member of the Orange County Ancient Coin Club  ( an ACCG affiliate) has been mentoring St Margaret's school in their first venture into ancient coins.   Teacher Donna Jacobsen says  "things are going extremely well.   Frank Martin, our mentor, has been wonderful.  He has visited the classes twice and really given the students excellent advice and help."


ACE Teacher Anne Pearson (center in pink) with Scott Uhrick, Headmaster Coratti, Dean of Faculty Maria Reade, and members of the Latin III Class from the Trinity Pawling School in NY State

To see more of the ACCG in action at the Trintiy Pawling School click HERE 

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