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Subject:  The following are Roman emperors or a member of the imperial family for whom ancient Roman coins were struck:

Faustina Junior - wife of Marcus Aurelius
Gordian III and Tranquillina
Galla Placidia
Theodosius II

Choose ONE of the people above. Research the person and write an essay based on your research.  The essay should NOT be a dull listing of the person's accomplishments, but should show creativity and attention to the conditions of life at that time.  You may choose to focus on only one major event of the person's life, or several.  You may write from the point of view of the subject or from that of another person living at the  time

1.  Incorporate elements of Roman culture as you describe the experience of your character.  A good essay will be RICH in vivid and accurate historical/cultural details.


2.  Historical accuracy of dates, places, context, cultural practices, and people is CRITICAL!!!


3.  A good essay must include proper spelling and grammar and be proofread for typos.


4.  Your essay should be single spaced, font size 12, with a minimum of 2 complete pages and a maximum of 3 pages (excluding bibliographical notes at the end).  It must be written in Microsoft Word or Wordpad format ONLY.


5.  The final DEADLINE for submission of your winning essays to ACE is December 3rd, but your teacher will add your class deadline here  ____________________.


Your teacher will choose the best essay from your school and submit it to the ACE contest.  To see samples of essays which have done well in past ACE contests, check the ACE website at  http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=46&Itemid=118


 Congratulations to the winners!
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School # Student Place Teacher State
7801 Liz W - age 11 1st (tie) Zee AnnPoerio PA
7851 Marin T age 12 1st (tie) Neal Evans IA
7816 Matthew P age 14 1st Linda Sizemore NJ
7811 Gabe A age 14 2nd Jo Green TX
7843 Mac L age 14 3rd Bee Smith LA
7817 Jules S age 16 1st Michelle Tucci ME
7890 David R age 17 2nd Nicole Diamente NY
7803 Patrick S age 16 3rd Susie Scoppa NY