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Book list showing Fiction and Non-Fiction items with Roman Empire & Ancient Greek background suggested by ACE Teachers & Mentors
or Non Fiction
 Author            Title Subject Age group  from



 Lindsay Allason-Jones Roman Woman Romano British woman in Eburacum (York) 15+ SS
 F Wallace Breem


Eagle in the Snow

 Defending the Roman frontier at the Rhine as the Empire crumbles  SS
 F  Gillian Bradshaw Beacon at Alexandria Medical School at Alexandria 15 + LP
 F Gillian Bradshaw Island of Chosts Troops on  Hadrian's Wall 15 + LP
 F Gillian Bradshaw The Sand Reckoner  Archimedes 15 + 
 F Gillian Bradshaw The Bearkeeper's  Daughter  Byzantium 15 + 
 F Gillian Bradshaw Render Unto Caesar   15 + 
 F Gillian Bradshaw Imperial Purple  Theodosius  
 F Gillian Bradshaw Cleopatra's Heir  Caesarion  
 Gillian Bradshaw Search for Fire Byzantine  
 F Marion Zimmer Bradley Forest House  Isle of Mona 16+ 
 F Marion Zimmer Bradley  Firebrand Cassandra myth 16+ LP
 F Taylor Caldwell Pillar of Iron Cicero more adult LP
  Alfred Duggan Three's company Caesar's murder & Roman Civil war SS 
 F Alfred Duggan Winter Quarters Early Gauls & the Romans  SS
  Alfred Duggan Knight with Armor First Crusade  SS
 Alfred Duggan Children of the Wolf Early Rome   
 Alfred Duggan  Family Favorites Elagabalus  
 Alfred Duggan The Little Emperors the Usurper Emperors  
  Alfred Duggan The Conscience of the King the waning of Roman Britain  
  Alfred Duggan Elephants & Castles Macedon after the death of Alexander  
  Alfred Duggan King of Pontus Mithradates  
  Alfred Duggan Lord Geoffrey's FancyFrankish Kingdom in 13th Cent Western Greece   
  Robert Graves I, Claudius the Julio-Claudians  ML
 F Colleen McCulloch The First man in Rome The era of Marius  ML
  Colleen McCulloch The Grass Crown The time of Sulla  
  Colleen McCulloch Fortune's Favorites      Caesar's rise  
  Colleen McCulloch Caesar's Women  Caesar in Rome after Gallic wars  
  Colleen McCulloch Caesar  The Civil War  
  Colleen McCulloch The October Horse  Caesar's last days  
  Zoe Oldenbourg Heirs to the Kingdom Crusades  SS
 F Steven Saylor  The Judgment of Caesar  Caesar & Cleopatra 14+ LP
 F Steven Saylor Gordianus, the Finder   ML
 F Steven Saylor Roman Blood   ML
 F George Shipway Imperial Governor Boudicca's Revolt era in Roman Britain 15+ SS
 F Harry Turtledove  "Household Gods"  Time of Marcus Aurelius  ML