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New to ACE Teachers - the whole of the ACE site is meant to help you, but in response to
most frequently asked questions....the following are the most used / needed:
1.  ACE Teachers MUST  join the membership-only ACE Teachers Group in order to learn about Contests, etc - click where "hilited in purple"  above  and follow the instructions.  We will approve your membership within a day or two - but please choose a name we will recognize as yours or your schools... if we don't recognize you, we can't approve you !
2.Identifying your coins: we suggest you start with the following:
a) Scott's Illustrated Identifier - Click Here
b) Elementary Illustrated Identifier - Click Here
c) Coin Identification Aid Email Form- Click Here
Thereafter you can delve further into it, via "Attribution Project Help" then the " Coin ID Help".

3. Contests - Click Here - to see the Rules and past contests
4. Photographing your coins - Click Here
5. The Rules for photographing students, and Advice for images of displays

6. Parental permission form for displaying your students on the web - Click Here