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With a donation from ACCG, as well as some help from ACE, Teacher Jeff Baum set out to build an Exhibit of Greek and Roman Gods in central NY state.. Image

Jeff Baum, 6th grade teacher at Mexico Middle School in central NY state, spent a lot of  his own leisure time getting to know the celestial beings of the Ancient World - what an Odyssey it was.....

see his Exhibition at http://ancientcoinsforeducation.org/content/view/247/92/

Jeff has incorporated many uses for ancient coins in his social studies classes.  At his "Open House" in early October, Mr. Baum displayed the first ever "Ancient Artifacts Museum".  At this museum, many historical artifacts real and made up were displayed for show.  One such display was an "Ancient Coin Museum" that depicted coins from the time period BC and AD.  Student "Museum Curators" were available to help with guided tours and explanations within the museum.  Patrick,  shown here, was the Ancient Coin Curator. the "Curator Monetae" and was praised for his good work.Image

During social studies classes, ancient coins are shown and displayed to make many lessons real and relevant from civilizations long ago.  Coins that display Gods and sacred animals have already been used during lessons on various ancient cultures.

Students will look forward to an interesting PowerPoint presentation on Ancient Greek  and Roman Gods and Goddesses.  As part of this presentation, Mr. Baum has collected coins that depict Gods and Goddesses.  The coins have become available from the generosity of Ancient Coins for Education (ACE) and a donation from the Ancient Coins Collectors Guild (ACCG).  These organizations have made it possible for Mr. Baum to provide activities in his lessons from 2000 years ago.

Another interesting activity is a "Coin Museum" to introduce Ancient Rome.  This museum will provide students with basic background information to engage students before any lessons are taught.  Also, during this unit on Ancient Rome, students will be exposed to ancient rulers through the lesson taught and a representative coin displaying each ruler.

Throughout the year, a continuing activity that Mr. Baum and his students have worked towards is digging up artifacts and coins as part of an "Archaeological Dig".  Later on, the coins dug up were soaked in distilled water for a long period of time.  Students then went through a coin cleaning process to help see parts of the coin for identification later on.  Finally, through the use of various materials including websites and books, students try to identify the coin they found in the "Archaeological Dig".  One such book that has seen good use is Roman Coins and their Values, by David Sear.  This book was generously donated by Mr. Sear for use in Jeff Baum's  classes.

Future activities include adding more coins that depict items relating to differing ancient cultures, including coins from Early India, Celtic Iberian coins and some from the Middle Ages.