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Resizing and Sending Images to ACE Print E-mail

ACE is run by volunteers, we are short-staffed and time is always at a premium, so please help us, help you.   When sending images to ACE for posting at the website,   the following points are very IMPORTANT and need to be followed :

1) Please name and number your images which should be sent as attachments: OpenHouse1, Exhibition3, or whatever
so that we know in what order to place the pictures.
2) Send a short  text to go with each image
 i.e  OpenHouse1 - shows Principal Dr XX opening Exhibit  in Lexington, KY in
May 2008.
3)Image resizing  - please do NOT send images of over 1 megabyte.    Please click, read and use the method below to resize and send images which we can use....- it is free, easy and it works........... 

IMPORTANT -   Click HERE for instructions on how to re-size pictures using Paint.net

This free graphics Utility "Paint.net"  is not only free but very user-friendly, and an asset to image users.
 The correct target size of images needed are:
Webpages on the site (part of text)  = 500 pixels
ACE Image Gallery =  No Limit if you are uploading them to the Image Gallery yourself, but 1200pixels if you are mailing them to us.
Thumbnail images
= 150 pixels

 4)  Images which show students face on or recognizably should not be sent until permission has been received to post the picture at our website.    Some schools have a "blanket" permission each year but if your school does not, then please use the Parental Release document - "Click here" - to download it.
5) Help on taking images of coins can be found HERE