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The ACE 2009/2010 Essay Contest has now been judged. Great Winners. Congratulations all!
1st place winner Wendy has been written up in her local newspaper..



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 School and Teacher  Subject
 Intermediate (13yrs or less)    
 Helena H 13yrs Image
Lisa Masoni, Harker M, San Jose, CA Gallienus
 Sophia H 13yrs Image   Joan Romanosky, Greenhill MS, TX Julia Domna
 Chloe N 11yrs  Image  Kris Tracy, Rick's Center, CO
 Senior (14yrs +)
 Wendy O. 15yrs Image
 Deb Carter, Linganore HS, Frederick, MD
 Constantius III & Galla Placidia
 Emily W. 16yrs Image  J.Miller, Tazewell HS, VA
 Julia Mamaea
 Luke M. 17 yrs Image  Matt Olkovikas, Pinkerton Academy, NH
 Matthew L. 16yrs Image  Kelly Kusch, Covington Latin, KY


ACE Essay Contest 2009  - STUDENT Directions


1.  Quinctilius Varus  ( Note that he is Not a Roman Emperor but this year is the 2000th anniversary of a very important date in Roman history in which he played a major role)

2.  Trajan

3.  Julia ...xxx.....  one only of the Female members of the Severan Family Dynasty, whose first name was “ Julia”

4.  Philip I and his family including Otacilia

5.  Gallienus

6.  Vabalathus

7.  Constantius III


1.  Choose  just ONE of those listed above listed above as your subject and start some heavy “research” into that person and his or her times.


2.    The essay should NOT be a dull listing of the person’s accomplishments, but should show creativity and attention to the conditions of life at that time.  You may choose to focus on only one major event of the person’s life, or several.  You may write from the point of view of the subject or from that of another person living at the  time. 

Incorporate elements of Roman culture as you describe the experience of your character.  A good essay will be RICH in vivid and accurate historical/cultural details.

 3.   Show the chosen subject from the above list as your subject line at the top of the essay. 

4.   Historical accuracy of dates, places, context, cultural practices, and people is CRITICAL!!!


For full details - see the ACE Teachers Group Posting.....

Good Luck to all !