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ACE Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 Print E-mail

   This academic year we welcome back teachers and schools with whom we have already worked in the past, plus some new schools whose students will be delving into Roman coins, probably for the first time.   We hope that you will find the various explanations to help as you go along on this web site.  
If you want to order Roman coins, see the Application form, and write to Souzana at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    If you have specific questions, our President, Mark Lehman, is a veritable fount of information, and he can be reached at        This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it     
Another ancient coin and artifact guru is our Director Scott Uhrick, who carefully checks our Optimate coins before sending them out as per your orders.     ACE is run by volunteers and we have been running this registered non profit for 16 years, and look forward to this new academic year. 







ACE Essay Contest Fall 2017

We want all our teacher classes and student friends to "have a go"  at one of our Essay subjects this Fall. 

The teachers pick their favorites and send them in to us before Thursday, 30th November. Your essays then go before  our judges
and the placing winners are announced before the Holiday break.    We send your winning prizes  (Identified Ancient coins, of course!!)
out to the relevant teacher in the New Year for presentation. 

Good luck and pay careful attention to the details behind your Essays - we expect them to be based  on well researched information!






ACE Essay Contests

We will be issuing the details of this year's Essay Contest shortly.
Last Winter 2015/2016, we gave the contestants a selection of subjects from Roman times -   the Eruption of Vesuvius,the Revolt of the British Iceni, a powerful Severan woman, early Christians in the Roman Empire, etc.
We got some marvelous results in the form of fascinating essays.   We have sent the students -their prizes - with the Senior Winner in KY and the Junior winner in CA, and Runners Up in TX and MD.
Our congratulations to all who took part, as all those who were winners from their respective schools, received prizes

ACE Fall 2016 Essay Contest


Congratulations to the winners of our ACE Winter 2016
Essay Contest.  We got some outstanding essays. 

The 1st place winner came from Kentucky, where a
15 year old wrote an essay set in the period of
Justinian 1st , which was marked as "near perfect"
by one of our outside judges!  
Second place went to a 13 year old from Texas,
who wrote excellently about the Flavians.  
Our plaudits go to them and their obviously inspiring
teachers.      All school finalists will be receiving
identified coins in January 2017.