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Virgil's "The Aeneid" to appear in Florida's Orange Park 

illustrated with ancient coins.




Ulysses welcomed by his faithful dog Argos 

shown on reverse of Roman Republican serrated Denarius of C. Mamilius Limetanus, circa 82 BC 


Next Spring one of the great stories of classic literature will be featured amongst the orange groves of Florida, where Virgil's "The Aeneid" will form the central theme in ACE Teacher Leslie Perkins' next Exhibiton at her school Coin Museum.    In "The Aeneid" Virgil takes up Homer's famous tale in the aftermath of the fall of Troy, and the retelling at St Johns Country Day school will highlight this epic tale with ancient coins. 

As this wonderful project advances, thanks to Leslie being a combination of a marvellous teacher and a great researcher / curator, we will feature different coins as they relate to the Aeneid classic story.