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Amazing Coins donated to the first 2 ACE Museums by Harlan J. Berk In 2004, as the two ground-breaking ACE Ancient Coin Museum Exhibits  came into being - first in Pittsburgh, PA, with Zee Ann Poerio, and then in Lexington, KY, with Cathy Scaife;  these two teachers and their schools were the beneficiaries of numerous amazing donations by Harlan Berk. 

There is not room to show them all, so we chose to show the students' favorites

- in Pittsburgh,  Zee Ann Poerio's students loved the juxtaposition of a huge Ptolemy IV bronze coin circa 220 BC ( think of carrying that around!), and a tiny silver Hemiobol from Halicarnassus around 380 BC, and this latter enabled Zee to bring the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World into the classroom discussion with an image of the famous Mausoleum.

Here are those 2 coins held by Zee's Students HERE 


Ptolemy IV bronze (circa B.C. 220) and a silver Hemiobol from Halicarnassus (circa B.C. 380)

Every year in Lexington KY. Cathy Scaife's students choose this marvellous ancient Greek coin donated by Harlan Berk as their particular favorite....... a Silver stater from Aigina with its fantastic sea turtle obverse - amazing to think that it dates back to circa 550 BC.

Silver stater of Aigina circa B.C. 550


Harlan Berk is an amazing man - a world renowned numismatist and writer - yet to whom the education of the up and coming generations in the world of the ancient past, is of paramount importance.