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He Said/She Said
Read about the Mentorship experience from both sides of the coin. ACE Mentor Allen Belzel and Jo Green of Westlake HS in Austin, TX, provide insight to what both parties gain, and what a positive experience it can be. Good job!!
Bill Decker's take on being an ACE Mentor
Bill Decker shares his experiences as an ACE Mentor at the Wellington School in Columbus. He shares the joy of being "The Coin Man" and extolls the virtues of "paying it forward". 
Talking Up ACE
ACE Director Scott Uhrick shares some of the talking points he has used in his many school visits. They will provide you a good place to start as well as givng ideas on what to be prepared for.
Ancient Coin in the Mediterranean World
ACE director John Ryan has this to say about the outline he developed. "Here is an outline I have used for various ACE presentations I have done in the Philadelphia area. I commonly have distributed copies of the outline to the students, which gives them the information to read on their own, so it is not necessary to cover all of it in the presentation."
Answering Ethical Questions
Mark Lehman's guide to answering questions about the ethics of collecting ancient coins. Prepare yourself for these questions by reading this guide.