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Coins for the Holidays

Coins for the Holidays and beyond Print E-mail

A list of suggested Gifts for heretofore Non Coin Collectors...combining Books and Ancient Coins....by introducing the uninitiated to an ancient coin via a book set in the same historical period.  Stimulating interest in a small piece of old metal by tying it to a novel or interesting non fiction book.

We have divided this list into 2 very general Age groups, as under :
Children & Middle School 
Young Adults/Adults ( High School & up) .

Note : At the end of each of these 2 categories, there is a downloadable list which you can click on.


Ace recommends these books because we feel they sensitively and accurately portray - to greater or lesser extent - times in which societal norms and mores were different from our own - often quite different. We feel that it is important to understand these differences but recognize that frank accounts of these times may be troubling to some readers. For those recommending them to their students, an understanding of the maturity level of the intended readers is as important as a working knowledge of the information these books contain. These books may not be suitable for all ages, or for all audiences.

With thanks to Jerise Fogel, Diane Arnson Svarlien, Leslie Perkins and many others, whose hard work has helped in the compilation of this list.   These books and many more can be found at: 
Diane Arnson Svarlien's site : http://www.uky.edu/AS/Classics/kidsklassics.html   
Jerise Fogel's list  http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/jod/texts/fogel.html
Special thanks to all who gave us permission to use their images : 

Harlan J. Berk
Beast Coins
Barry & Darling
Herakles Numismatics
Ancient Imports
Wayne Sayles
Mark Lehman
Keith Ingleston
Ralph DeMarco
Imperial Coins
John Jencek
Stephen Arnold

For suggested Books & Coins lists - see below :

Coins for the Holidays - Young Adults/Adult books Print E-mail
The books features here are a bit more advanced and will surely appeal to students high school age and up. The recommended coins help bring the stories to life. Perhaps the lucky recipient will find a new hobby in old coins!
Coins for the Holidays - Children's Books Print E-mail
The books featured here are sure to delight readers of every age and younger children  will especially enjoy them. The stories in the books, along with the recommended coins are sure to be a hit. Who knows, they might even learn something!