Resizing Images Using Paint.net

Paint.net is an excellent freeware program It is available at http://www.getpaint.net/ It is a very powerful yet small and intuitive program that can help you get the most out of your digital images. For our purposes we will walk through a very simple image resize. Digital cameras provided us with much larger images than we need for use on the web. Resizing them to a more practical size before e-mailing or uploading to a web site saves time and bandwidth.

This tutorial assumes the gentle reader possesses a basic understanding of navigating Windows (sorry Mac and Linux users if you need help send us an e-mail). It also assumes that Paint.net is installed on the computer the user is umm..... erm....., using. It further assumes that the same user can import images from their digital camera. If any of the afore mentioned isn't the case, please e-mail us.

Before you do anything, make a backup copy of the photo you want to resize. It is always a good idea to keep the original file untouched - once you make a photo smaller, you can never go back to the original size without losing detail!

Step one. Start Paint.net.

This can be accomplished by double clinking the Desktop Icon if it exists, or by choosing to run Paint.net from the Programs group found by clicking the Windows Button on the lower left of the screen. Once you do that you will have a screen like this.


Step 2 Choose FILE on the top left of the screen and OPEN from the resulting menu.


Step 3 Browse to the image(s) you wish to resize Multiple images can be chosen by holding the CTRL key while left clicking them. Once you have selected your image(s) click OPEN



Step 4 Chose RESIZE from the IMAGE menu


Step 5 Select your resizing options from the resulting dialog. Be sure that the "Maintain Aspect Ratio" is checked. By doing this you only have to change the width and the program will automatically adjust the height. The rest of the default setting are fine for our purposes. Change the Width to the desired size. For the Web site articles choose 500 pixels, for News break column images select 150 pixels, for the Image Gallery select 1200 pixels. When you are done click OK


Step 6 Save your resized image. Choose "SAVE AS" under the FILE menu. You are going to want to save the resized image to a different spot and/or under a different name so that the original photo isn't changed.


Navigate to the desired location on your computer. I like to save them to a folder on my desktop since I will usually be working with the images after I resize them, having them on the Desktop makes them quicker for me to find, but do as you like.


Rename your image if desired and click "SAVE". A "Save Configuration" dialog will popup. What you need to know here is that the higher the Quality, the bigger the file size. Lower quality results in smaller file size. As you lower the quality by sliding the slider the image in the Preview Pane will change showing you what the final image will look like. The Default 95 setting is fine for our use. When you are done click "OK"



Here are some further guidleines that will save ACE time and effort when you are submitting photo's!

General information :
1) Please name and number your images which should be sent as attachments: OpenHouse1, Exhibition3, or whatever
so that we know in what order to place the pictures.

2) Send a short text to go with each image
i.e OpenHouse1 - shows Principal Dr XX opening Exhibit in Lexington, KY in
May 2008.

3)Image resizing - please do Not send images of over 1 megabyte. Please read and use the method below to resize and send images which we can use....- it is free, easy and works...........
The correct target size of images needed are...
for :
Webpages on the site (part of text) = 500 pixels
ACE Image Gallery =Anysize if you are uploading them you self to the Gallery, 1200 pixels if you are sending them to us for uploading
Thumbnail images = 150 pixels

4) Images which show students face on or recognizably should not be sent until permission has been received to post the picture at our website. Some schools have a "blanket" permission each year but if your school does not, then please use the Parental Release document - "Click here" - to download it.

5) Help on taking images of coins can be found HERE